Friday, August 22, 2014

A sudden realization

I just realized that I probably won't be allowed to wear sports bras and jorts to work when I have my real job in TWO WEEKS HOLY CRAP MUFFINS.  Also, I've started mentally packing and it's already stressing me out.  I'd really like to see the place it's like I'm going to school all over again.  I also keep forgetting that I'll have roommates, maybe not in the same room exactly, but in the apartment and I don't know anything about them and omg it's totally like freshman year again I hope my roommates are better than that turned out.

Sorry that doesn't make too much sense, but it does in my brain at the moment. (jk it doesn't make sense, that's just what my brain is doing right now.)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I GOT AN INTERNSHIP (and other news since graduation...because that totally happened a while ago)

It finally feels like I'm out of college, which is still totally weird for me.  Life has been a blur since graduation, even graduation felt weird.  P.S. I won the Cloak award for theatre [which only goes to 1 senior, typically, but Sophie and I were too awesome for them to not give it to both of us] I was so honored that all my hard work was recognized by the entire department.  They even gave me a beautiful book of illustrated Shakespeare that I am still drooling over.

Kathy and I were even in the Lawrence Magazine!
After school finished, I spent a few weeks at home going through all my stuff (which was way too much stuff, and still is).  Then I moved up here to Minneapolis with my aunt Linda.  It's been great, I got a side job at a pottery company making coasters for Anthropologie (which sell at $8 a pop!).  Matt and I have been hanging out a ton and I did a bunch of auditions for companies, and got no response, which is why this news is so incredibly exciting!

I got a real-life internship! I'm going to be working with Northwest Passage, a mental health treatment and assessment company in a tiny town in Wisconsin.  They just started expanding their arts programs and I might help them create/build a theatre program there! I had my phone interview today and they hired me on the spot.  I could tell that both me and my interviewer just got more and more excited as the interview went thorugh.  I'll also help do some classroom/tutoring work and social media outreach (which are two other things that I've been thinking about working in!).  I'm beyond excited to try all of this out.