Thursday, August 21, 2014

I GOT AN INTERNSHIP (and other news since graduation...because that totally happened a while ago)

It finally feels like I'm out of college, which is still totally weird for me.  Life has been a blur since graduation, even graduation felt weird.  P.S. I won the Cloak award for theatre [which only goes to 1 senior, typically, but Sophie and I were too awesome for them to not give it to both of us] I was so honored that all my hard work was recognized by the entire department.  They even gave me a beautiful book of illustrated Shakespeare that I am still drooling over.

Kathy and I were even in the Lawrence Magazine!
After school finished, I spent a few weeks at home going through all my stuff (which was way too much stuff, and still is).  Then I moved up here to Minneapolis with my aunt Linda.  It's been great, I got a side job at a pottery company making coasters for Anthropologie (which sell at $8 a pop!).  Matt and I have been hanging out a ton and I did a bunch of auditions for companies, and got no response, which is why this news is so incredibly exciting!

I got a real-life internship! I'm going to be working with Northwest Passage, a mental health treatment and assessment company in a tiny town in Wisconsin.  They just started expanding their arts programs and I might help them create/build a theatre program there! I had my phone interview today and they hired me on the spot.  I could tell that both me and my interviewer just got more and more excited as the interview went thorugh.  I'll also help do some classroom/tutoring work and social media outreach (which are two other things that I've been thinking about working in!).  I'm beyond excited to try all of this out.

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