Monday, September 30, 2013

Making up for lost time

I have been more productive today than I've been in the past two weeks combined.  I'ts actually rather riddikulus that it took me two weeks to adjust to academia again.  And no I didn't misspell riddikulus   I'm currently fighting a boggart that's taking the form of both my roommates being sick as dogs.  I'm just waiting for it to turn into a to-scale model of Shakespeare's globe (complete with actor action figures and costumes).  So far it isn't working, but I'm trying my darndest.  On the sick note, I'm super charging on vitamin C (just in case I actually have sick roommates and no boggart.  I've currently got over 1900% the current recommended amount of vitamin C going thorough my system, so I'm hoping that's enough.

Between this bottle of naked and my unexpectedly small cough drops (darned, enlarged photos on packaging) I think I might turn into an orange.  So far, I still look like me.

Thank goodness, because I now look like a normal person instead of a sleep-deprived zombie.  (yay getting normal amounts of sleep).

Sunday, September 29, 2013

I wrote a love poem for my bed

I can't believe how well everything went this weekend.  Unfortunately for me, now I have to greet the day and start getting stuff done.  I've got a ton of homework and a test on Wednesday, and I don't know how on earth I pried myself out of bed this morning.  I got 12 hours of sleep, and I still feel like I could use a few more, but I've got to get moving.  Luckily I saved the leftover coffee that the cast did't drink last night so I've got caffeine to boost me into today.  I've got to be careful though, because I need to get back on a normal sleep schedule, I'm going to try to be in bed by 10:30 or 11:00, so I can get up for class Monday.  Tomorrow.  I also wrote a love poem for my bed.  I figured it deserved some recognition for my absence over the past few days, and I wanted to make sure it felt appreciated.

I can’t bear to leave you today
Not after the beauty of last night
We embraced
Held each other
Loved each other
But now I’ve got to say goodbye
But only for a while
I hate to leave you here alone
After such a wonderful night
But I’ve got to keep moving
I’ll see you again tonight

Saturday, September 28, 2013


And now, for the show! It went beautifully!  Everyone knew their lines (or looked like it) and the audience loved our Emperor's New Groove inspired set change music (Portia, Sophie and I sang our own theme music during the changes.  The audience loved it).  I can't believe how well everything went!  It was such a great weekend!
The Cast of the first show: The Pitch

Cast of the second show: Whole Plots

Cast of the Final show: Sideyard Sword

There's even a Vine of the Whole Cast

Sideyard Sword during Production (as seen from offstage left)

The audience was huge! Over 80 people came to see the show!

WE DID IT!!  (Triple High Five!)

Tech #3

The final tech!!!

This is the final tech bunch for the night!! Everyone's been doing so well and they're called at 7 for the show on T- 1:18. It's unbelievable. I'm so excited to have this show go up and then get some good sleep!! Ahhhh I really want to just curl up under the covers and stay there for at least 8 hours. Best show reward. Sleep. 

Small respite

We took a little break to beautify ourselves for the show tonight! 

I'm next

Portia just lost it. Her brain shut off and she completely forgot what she was doing. 

I think I'm next. 

 I'm Scared. 

Tech #2

Starting the second tech!

Tech #1

First tech show!! It's going well!

We also got a bunch of props out of he newly cleaned props room! (We sadly, aren't using the chicken, but we are using the rifle shaped piece of wood). 

I just hit my head on a doorframe

It hurts a little more than it should.

Corn Train

On a run to get prop corn. Driving at this point was probably not the best idea, but I was careful enough. This train had am open boxcar. We could have jumped in and lived in a train!! How cool would that be?

It's also for some pretty sweet empty wood carrier cars. I don't remember what they're called officially, but I'm sure my father will inform me later. 

Luckily we're on our way back, but we still have to grab the rest of the props!

Brunch time!

The hash browns are so perfect I teared up a bit.

I can't believe it's nearly noon. I feel like it should be dinner right now. Breakfast food doesn't make sense, but it's so delicious I don't even care. 

Messing with da lights.

Sophie and I are playing with the light board and its super fun!!

We even made a Vine about it.

Vine it Up

So, we've gotten really excited with Vine.  They're entirely too much fun to make.

Gatorade in the Morning




Like I said...we got REAL excited.  I don't know how we've gotten this many made.

We're latte for the Coffee

Sophie forgot to wake us up this morning, so we had to scramble to the Starbucks to pick up coffee for ze actors and directors (and pick up fancy drinks for ourselves) 
The big coffee had pockets!

The barrista was SUPER nice, and exactly what I needed to not start crying due to the only 4 hours of sleep I got last night (which was with me oversleeping about 2 hours)

There was even an extra cupholder for Portia's fancy drink!

The sun blinded us with the newness of the day on the way back to campus.  Ready to go!!!!

Metal Flute

Surprisingly awake even though its another rest hour. I got an hour of sleep earlier and I'm somehow alright with only that. Sadie and Erik just finished their sideyard play. Now we're eating Oreos and listening to metal in the living room cause I'm waiting for the next draft of Claire's show.
Apparently some metal so ha have flute solos. Who knew??

Friday, September 27, 2013


The queso has been opened.  My mouth doesn't know what to do with the queso coffee combo.

Also, we've started watching Joss Whedon's Dolllhouse to stay awake, and I'm already half way through my espresso beans.  I'm gonna need more of these chipler mustaches (it's a cross between chip and Hitler...get it??? do you???)

Meeting completed

We finished the meeting. Pretty chaotic, but I took a bunch of video of the whole meeting. We've got 5 writers, 3 directors and 8 actors.  There are two co-pairs of writers, so we've got 3 shows.  Already went for a food stuffs and caffeine run to settle in for the night.  The meeting was very busy and tons of stuff happening during that meeting.  Almost too much, but Sophie and Portia are definitely going to keep me sane.  And the queso, that's gonna help a lot.  And the chocolate covered espresso beans.

1440 Theatre Carnival

'Yall ready for this (cue Space Jam music)

I'm mentally preparing myself for the next 1440 minutes (also known as 1 day/ 24 hours) of craziness that I'm sure are about to unfold.  Portia, Sophie and I are producing the 1440 Theatre Carnival here at Lawrence (it's the same thing as a 24 hour play fest, but without the copyright infringement).  

What does that mean you ask?  We're gathering a group of writers, directors and actors at 8:00 tonight, and they will be performing all new works tomorrow at 8:00.  From 0 to theatre in 24 hours.  I'm 95% sure I'll be getting little to no sleep until late tomorrow, so stuff might get real.  So I'mma LIVE BLOG!! Because who wouldn't love to see how bad my grammar gets throughout the increasing sleep deprivation?  I might not even spell check myself to see how bad it gets.  Crazy, right?  I'll give you a mug shot for every blog post as well, so you can see how utterly gorgeous I get throughout the process.

Not off to a bad start, if I do say so myself. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fresh Blog Fresh Start

I keep trying to blog and it keeps failing but I SWEAR I'M TRYING FOR REAL THIS TIME GUYS.  My other one got too much like me sobbing into a computer trying not to have human emotions, but this one might be different.  Might.  I'm going to try, like kind of possibly to make this a worthwhile place of literary merit (once I learn how to properly spell things without autocorrect/spellchecker/whatever you kids are using these days).

I'll start with something simple- the name of this blog.  As you will soon learn (if you haven't already deduced it with your Holmesian deduction skills), that I am a complete nerd.  More specifically, a Shakespeare nerd.  I'm currently working on a 70 minute adaptation of As You Like It, wherein I am playing Rosalind.  It's super mega awesome sauce.  You'll be hearing plenty about it.  Anyway, Touchstone (the fool/clown) yells "Holla, you Clown!" at this old man (woman in our adaptation, because there are too many girl actors and not enough dude-types).  I think it's a suitable introduction and also a very good way to sum up my life right now.

P.S. I just did some humanitarian clown work with Patch Adams in Costa Rica.  So, I'm a legit clown.  I've got the nose and everything.