Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Watching Netflix alone isn't all it's cracked up to be

I am sick of watching TV alone.  Yes, everyone romanticizes watching 3 seasons of Gilmore girls in a weekend, completely uninterrupted.  But I’ve done that.  Twice.  It’s really not all that great.  On the other hand, back in college my roommates and I sat down and watched the entire first season of Chuck without stopping and it was one of the single greatest days of my college existence.  But there’s a core difference in these stories.  Watching Gilmore Girls alone in your apartment because there is literally no one in town you know or have the desire to talk to, and all your friends live over two hours away and you don’t have enough energy to do literally anything else is no fun at all.  You can feel your ass molding with the cushions, your pores clogging from all the junk food and your liver has started weeping uncontrollably as soon as you open your first beer.  I bought a heating pad last night, mostly because my back is killing me (whole other story) but now I might use it to pretend it's a lover, or a friend, or even a freaking dog at this point, because at least I wouldn't be sitting on the couch alone for this long.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Real Life, or 10th Week on Steroids

So my schedule just completely exploded.  This week was bad enough- I had to work Monday after an unusually rough weekend (where I found my mom voice and disciplined a girl who was on her way out).  My lack of bounce back Monday snowballed through the rest of the week and I've been stressed out and exhausted ever since.  I spent most of the week in the cities, which was great, but I spent most of my time stressing out about buying my new TV!  It was pretty nerve wracking but now I'm really happy with it.  It's hooked up to Netflix now and I'm super happy with all 32".

On the way to my murder mystery dinner I dropped my phone in the parking lot.  Completely cracked the screen because I still hadn't gotten around to getting a case for it.  Totally put me into a frenzy, calling my Dad, seeing if the stupid insurance that we pay for every month does anything (hint- IT DOESN'T).

The mystery dinner went pretty well, I was stressed out the entire time (because it's a pretty stressful thing to do anyway). I was hoping to be back in the cities by midnight, but we didn't make it back until 2am.  I didn't get all the way home until 3:45, and I had a training this morning.  My DBT emotional thermometer is all over the place, and I definitely should have taken a nap, but I'm scared that I wouldn't be able to fall asleep.  Basic downward spiral mentality.  For sure going to bed at 9:00 tonight, even though I'll miss the start of the Great Midwest Trivia Contest.  I'll be there in spirit.

Friday, January 9, 2015

New Year, and I'm in Luck (Wisconsin)

I can't believe that 2015 has only been here for 9 days.  It seems like an entire month has passed already! Probably because so much has changed already.  This time last year, I was stressing out about the future in Comedy house, not even sure of how the term would look, where I was moving after school and how the hell I was going to keep pursuing BOTH theatre and psychology.

Cut to now, I'm sitting in a coffee shop in Luck, WI (an hour and a half north of the Twin Cities) doing work for BOTH my jobs.  I'm a weekend primary counselor and Women of the Valley coordinator with Northwest Passage- a residential mental health treatment facility for teens.  AND I just submitted my poster for Festival Theatre- where I'm the new Marketing Assistant AND I'm in talks to figure out my involvement in the summer theatre season.  I might be designing, stage managing, acting or a combination of the above.

Since both of these jobs started on the 1st, I've been in a flurry of new people, faces and concepts.  It's all pretty frightening- and my face looks a bit like this all the time now.

A drawing I made with Aaron's help

Hopefully I'll figure everything out.  Until then, wish me Luck.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Something sweet, something savory, something cold

Went to the state fair with my cousin yesterday and had a pretty good time.  Nick has a great state fair food rule, which we followed like it was a prescription.  In order to make the most of your state fair eating experience, you must eat something sweet, something savory and something cold.  That covers your basic food cravings without eating everything in sight.  Nick and I shared a lot of things so I got a taste of a lot of things:

  • Mini doughnuts
  • bacon on a stick
  • cheese curds
  • frozen lemonade
  • pickle dog (pickle spear, cream cheese and pastrami)
  • twist cone
  • beer
  • (successfully avoided getting a corn dog, which I usually go for immediately)
Which definitely wasn't as much as I was assuming I would eat (cause it's the state fair, that's why you go).  Unfortunately I think I have a dehydration/walking all day/a little too much beer at Carboni's hangover. (oops).  AND I'm going to the Renaissance Faire today! I'm super stoked, I've never been to a Ren Faire and I found 5 outfits that would work perfectly for the occasion.  I just hope I feel a little better and my feet don't fall off.

Friday, August 22, 2014

A sudden realization

I just realized that I probably won't be allowed to wear sports bras and jorts to work when I have my real job in TWO WEEKS HOLY CRAP MUFFINS.  Also, I've started mentally packing and it's already stressing me out.  I'd really like to see the place it's like I'm going to school all over again.  I also keep forgetting that I'll have roommates, maybe not in the same room exactly, but in the apartment and I don't know anything about them and omg it's totally like freshman year again I hope my roommates are better than that turned out.

Sorry that doesn't make too much sense, but it does in my brain at the moment. (jk it doesn't make sense, that's just what my brain is doing right now.)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I GOT AN INTERNSHIP (and other news since graduation...because that totally happened a while ago)

It finally feels like I'm out of college, which is still totally weird for me.  Life has been a blur since graduation, even graduation felt weird.  P.S. I won the Cloak award for theatre [which only goes to 1 senior, typically, but Sophie and I were too awesome for them to not give it to both of us] I was so honored that all my hard work was recognized by the entire department.  They even gave me a beautiful book of illustrated Shakespeare that I am still drooling over.

Kathy and I were even in the Lawrence Magazine!
After school finished, I spent a few weeks at home going through all my stuff (which was way too much stuff, and still is).  Then I moved up here to Minneapolis with my aunt Linda.  It's been great, I got a side job at a pottery company making coasters for Anthropologie (which sell at $8 a pop!).  Matt and I have been hanging out a ton and I did a bunch of auditions for companies, and got no response, which is why this news is so incredibly exciting!

I got a real-life internship! I'm going to be working with Northwest Passage, a mental health treatment and assessment company in a tiny town in Wisconsin.  They just started expanding their arts programs and I might help them create/build a theatre program there! I had my phone interview today and they hired me on the spot.  I could tell that both me and my interviewer just got more and more excited as the interview went thorugh.  I'll also help do some classroom/tutoring work and social media outreach (which are two other things that I've been thinking about working in!).  I'm beyond excited to try all of this out.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How on earth is it 4:10 already? Can I start drinking yet?

Apparently, my life has decided to explode all at once.  I had a huge awkward/necessary/frustrating heart to heart with someone I've been meaning to talk to for a while, and it may have blown back in my face.  The entire thing is too complicated/confidential for me to share, but it's just ridiculous.  The only thing I can do to handle all of it is listen to too much Company (hey, it worked in Texas, didn't it?).  That and throw myself into the assignment and paper that's due tomorrow for my Neuro class.  But it makes my brain hurt thinking about brains, and it already aches from all of this other stuff.
Not my headshot, but somehow I took a decent selfie today.

On an unrelated note, I had lunch with an LU Alum, John O'Boyle.  He's a Broadway producer, and just a nice guy to talk to.  A bunch of other seniors joined us and we all talked about how confusing/unknown the theatre world will be when we're out of Lawrence.  It's always nice to be reminded that I'm not the only clueless one in the bunch.  I got some headshots taken today too, it's a baby step, but at this point I'll take it.