Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

After deciding this morning to take advantage of the socially acceptable day to wear my clown outfit (which I will take whenever I can get it), I broke out the ol' nose, vest, and my umbrella too! I'm sure the fact that it was raining put a damper on a lot of other people's Halloweens, but it helped me out!  I also got a buddy to join in my costume.  Good old Billy Shakes, always good for a laugh.

I also did something really scary in honor of the spoopy holiday, I chopped my hair off! I was totally freaking out and then we just did it!  And I'm so happy with how it turned out; the only downside is now I have to completely relearn how to style it (and probably wash it a lot more than I'm used to).  But it's so LIGHT and CUTE and DIFFERENT than anything I've ever done with it, so I'm getting really super excited!!


Monday, October 28, 2013


Guys, I won the first ever Comedy house Catan game. Feels pretty darn good.

I got a few good quotes jotted down during the game. 

You're such a wang doodle
That warms my evil heart
Well this is baaaaaad news
Double sheep double sheep

Good stuff right here. I'm looking forward to the next game, I've got to retain my title!

And now I'm playing catan

Legitimately thought it was Wednesday for a bit

For a good 5 minutes I had completely convinced myself that it was not Monday night.  Too much had happened today for it to be still Monday.  Here's a wrap up of my day:
  • Woke up early
  • Moved my car out of the faculty lot and onto the street
  • Made coffee and oatmeal
  • Studied for Psych exam in the living room. (3 of my housemates were also doing homework at 8 am.  We comiserated together for a bit)
  • Finished coffee and oatmeal leisurely at home (this almost never happens, so it's worth noting)
  • Took Psych exam (that could go in 3 different directions grade wise- still not sure how I feel aobut it)
  • Came home
  • Put clothes away while playing an entire Yellow Ostrich album
  • Vacuumed
  • Put up a bunch of posters (first time this year I've put stuff on my wall and I've been living here for 7 weeks now...)
  • Grabbed lunch (also known as grabbing a sandwich and bringing it home so I could watch TV- the sandwich was unsatisfying.  Too much cheese, and it wasn't even good cheese)
  • Watched "The Mindy Project"
  • Went shopping for LUMOS Halloween party
  • Learned that Portia got a concussion over the weekend
  • Tried on some shoes at the costume shop and set up appointment to chop off my hair (it's going down on Thursday, FYI)
  • Watched an old "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" with good ol' Benedict Cumberbatch (where he does all the rap songs in his Alan Rickman impression)
  • Ran lines with Daniel and Sophie in da cafe
  • Dinner (they had puppy chow for dessert- good day)
  • Rehearsal (with shoes and hat.  We did all the Rosalind/Orlando scenes, which was entirely too much fun)
  • Put my car back in the ramp while someone followed me home (I'm pretty sure she was a Lawrence student, but it was still awkward and creepy to walk slightly in front of her the whole way back to Comedy House)
  • Homework in the living room
  • Looked at pictures from Costa Rica trip while trying not to laugh/cry the whole time
  • Chillin' in my bed thinking it's not Monday night when it totally is.
Well, when you put it in a list like that, it seems like I actually did a lot of stuff today. It makes slightly more sense that it feels like more days than one have passed.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

What's productivity when you've got ice cream?

Well, this reading period was definitely interesting, to say the least.  Spent most of Thursday night watching Portia chuck whales at Jessica, which was loads of fun.

We also spent about 3 hours on Friday connecting our movies in the longest string ever.  We were trying to connect all the old teenage flicks we borrowed from the library (including Freaky Friday and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) using only movies that we had with us at school.  It's much harder (and more fun) than you could possibly imagine.  In the end we had 46 movies strung together on our floor.

Unfortunately, I had a ton of stuff to get done.  It's only unfortunate because I think I got 2% of it done over the previous 3 days.  I got a good 25% done today, but that's only because the test I'm studying for is tomorrow.  It's really ironic studying for a test on anxiety and depression in children and adolescent when the test itself is totally throwing off the feedback loop of my HPA axis.  It's been a generally stressful and argumentative day, so I'm going to get some ice cream before it becomes too much.

Much better.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Script, My Love

You stay with me when times are tough
Together we will stand
When I approach the battlefield
We walk hand in hand

I know you from the inside out
Through and through and through
Some nights we sit alone together
I'm mesmerized by you

And yet I know a time will come
When I'll know you all the way
But you will always be with me
In my heart forever you will stay

Going Out

Guys, I did stuff with people this week and it was fun and such!  Even though I had a ton of work to do (a paper for my Shakespeare class on a text comparison of King Lear that I spent more time avoiding than actually writing) I managed to get some quality socialization done!

The improv team (as well as a few other groups) got a touring company of the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) to come give a workshop and a show at LU!  The workshop was one of the best we've had, as well as the most useful.  We're already getting better at finding the 'game' in the scene (also known as finding a  joke to riff on throughout the scene).  We also hung out with them afterwards in Comedy House and chatted about how cool improv is and how weird Lawrence is (none of them really had to go to class in college.  That seems odd to me, as I usually like attending my classes.  That's why I'm going to college).  Anyway, we played a bunch of records and sang Simon and Garfunkel until I decided to start working on my paper again.
Members of UCB jamming out to "Cecilia" in Comedy House

We also went to a concert last night! Bright Kind opened for Yellow Ostrich and both bands rocked pretty hard. And that meant that Portia, Jessica and I were bothering other people with our presence on a Saturday night!  Woo being social!

Front and center
Cute Guitarist alert

Just to clarify, it's not that I don't like being around other people on weekends, it's just so much easier/cozier/less stressful to sit in the house and watch movies. I'm always tired by the end of the week anyway.  Going out takes so much energy and planning and premeditation that I don't usually feel like putting forth by the time the week is up.

Also, I think I want to try some more rock star hair.  It always looks so edgy and fun and the whole i-dont-care-what-you-think thing.  Which I'm pretty down with generally.  I'll probably try spiking whatever haircut I get after Halloween.  I'm getting stoked for that as well.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Just Chillin' with Kurt Vonnegut

Randomly decided two days ago that I was gonna buy a Nook, and I did!  Last night after rehearsal, Porita and I booked it to Barnes and Noble and I got one! I'm super stoked guys, it's pretty cool.  I just got the simple touch, but now I can read all of the things on a not computer screen and bring tons of books places while only carrying around one object.  Now I can hang out with cool authors and read stories and books for funzies!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Fire Escape

I see you from my window
You climb too high to reach
But I know if I ever need you
The gap I'll have to breech

For now inside you're cool enough
I don't need to run away
But maybe I'll use you as an excuse
To light a fire someday

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Birthday Roads

A candid shot with the birthday boy!
Last night I got to out on College Ave with Michael and Willson for their birthday. (It was also my mother's birthday, but she's too far away to go for drinks).  It was quite fun, and there was even a fire!  On the way home the roads were deserted, so I decided to sit in the middle of one for the heck of it.  It was nerve racking, even though I could see for miles and would know when a car was coming.  I only stayed in the street for about a minute, right after I left a cop drove by the other way.  Woo rebellion!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ode to a Waterbottle

Sonnet Sundays: 2nd Edition.  (yes, I realize these aren't formally sonnet form, but the alliteration could not be overlooked.).  Every Sunday, I am going to write love poetry to everyday objects that get casually overlooked by the average human, but not me.  I'll celebrate these super objects through ballads, sonnets, haiku's and any other poetry form I can fathom.

We fill each other
With cool clean thoughts
Pure love
Passing through each other

I use you
Yet you're always there
I lose you
Leave you
Find you

Always coming around
Staying by my side
I never deserved you
Where have you gone to hide?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Rebellion at its finest

So, Portia and I decided to do the cooliest thing.  Last year we made up a conspiracy theory. Here it is:
"While originally attributed to William Shakespeare, the infamous Romeo and Juliet was recently discovered to be the work of Edgar Allen Poe.  Recent tests conclude that Poe wrote the play, soaked it in tea and burnt the edges before placing the script at Shakespeare's home in Stratford Upon Avon."
So, of course, we changed the Wikipedia page accordingly.

(Click on Pictures to enlarge)

Unfortunately it was changed back to its original form about a minute later.  Luckily I got the screenshots before it got taken down.  Then we decided to try changing a lesser-known play of his to see how long it would take for them to change that one.  Again, only a few minutes before they took it down, but it's still hilarious.

I sent the pictures to my Theatre professor, and her reply made all of it totally worth it.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Shower Insanity

I've finally got some free time after the craziness that was this week.  I spent all of Monday and Tuesday studying and catching up on all the work I couldn't get myself to do last week.  So, I finally hunkered down and studied for my Developmental Psychopathology exam, and stumbled across the most interesting factoid.  Apparently, masturbating was considered a mental illness.  It would suck to be a girlfriend-less teenage boy 100 years ago.


In other news, we got a new showerhead! Water actually comes out of it instead of miserably dripping out of it.  It now takes me only 3 minutes to get my hair wet instead of the usual 10!  It's really exciting! (no, seriously.  I jumped up and down for a good 5 minutes after discovering the new one.  I also took a shower that night because I COULD NOT WAIT to take a more normal feeling shower).  And while it is still an awkwardly small and oddly shaped space, at least there's water pressure now.

Also, Portia and I are going to be in a movie! Portia got to hand flyers to people (me) as they walked by.  I'm pretty sure they're going to get a really good shot of the back of my head, but it was fun to see how everything worked.